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Hmmm, initially my thoughts on technology were how are we incorporating the use of computers into our classroom and how can my students use them other than to word process.  These were my thoughts prior to 2007 when I was appointed a “Smart Teacher” and a Smartboard was installed into my classroom.  Since that time, I have been on a technology roller coaster.


Technology itself has evolved immensely since my education began.  Teachers wrote on chalkboards, used overheads or filmstrip projectors to enhance teaching and learning and utilized a gestetner to duplicate handouts for students.  Later photocopiers were commonplace and computer labs were put into our high schools.  My computer class consisted of writing programming using a flow chart template.  I really can’t remember what happened to the work after that.


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Times are definitely changing. I think the most important thing to remember is we teach children.  How to engage my students in learning and problem solving opportunities as to prepare them for the changes of the future is my goal. George Couros (2015) writes, “To succeed, they (students) will need to know how to think for themselves and adapt to constantly changing situations” (Innovators Mindset).

My questions:

How does one assess the technology or tools being used as useful in enhancing curriculum as opposed to decorating  curriculum?  Are we continually assessing as we add on?