EC&I 834

That’s All Folks!

Completing another class puts me that much closer to reaching my destination and finishing this leg of the journey.  After having come this far in such a short time, I believe I will be looking for the next new thing once I have completed my masters program in July.  The options are endless and the desire to continue to learn is deep within me.  I have enjoyed working with all of you. Collaborating and learning from each of your in our Zoom times and through all of your posts has been invaluable to my learning experience.  Thank you Alec for another great class, sadly my last one and thank you to each of you.  I hope you enjoy Amy and my’s Summary of Learning.




3 thoughts on “That’s All Folks!”

  1. Hi Colette and well done on this summary. I appreciated all your feedback and work throughout this class. Your perspective and expertise helped me learn new things in this class. Good luck with finishing up this summer and hopefully we will cross paths again.


  2. Great work! I really like how you included the feedback from the students with their experience taking an online course. I also really liked learning about YoTeach as an alternative to Today’s Meet. I look forward to working with you in the future and I really enjoyed learning with your this term.


    1. Thank you Kristina. I look forward to working with you as well. So odd that we work in the same division yet have to take a class to become acquainted. Our division is so large and the opportunities to collaborate so few.


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