EC&I 834

The Finale

EC&I 834 has been an exciting course. It’s really great to create something that I can actually use in the classroom.EC&I 833 and 834 with Alex have helped me build a repertoire of resources that we were able to use in our prototype. We were able to create, connect


and collaborate in a number of different ways within the context of our small group, our class and finally with our students while test-driving our prototype. With my Connected Ed obligations I am required to complete 6 lessons, never did I dream that  I could develop a whole course. With this, comes the greatest take-away of this class – collaboration. My classmates Amy, Kyla, and I worked very hard putting together an interesting, engaging prototype that meets our Saskatchewan curriculum requirements. Completing this in isolation would be very difficult, having people to collaborate with is a  key component to successful product.

Planning would be the next important take away. Planning for diversity within the context of the curriculum and with the tools I am able to use to have my student show what they know. As a young teacher, years ago, I spent hours and hours planning: day plans new units and as I changed grades I plan for that. After awhile I was


able to work without as much planning, still coming up with new ideas but relying on my experience to help guide me. Planning a unit such as this one was overwhelming, yet so rewarding. There is a feeling of satisfaction knowing that the diversity is built right into each component of the unit.

A major question came to mind as I was reflecting on this week and teaching students on-line. As a classroom teacher I know the students who are coming into my classroom. We have reports on them, spoke with their previous teachers, we have and idea of who they are and what they’re capable of from previous years. When we receive students online how do we know anything about them? How do we make that connection with them? Where is the personal part, and how they connect without that face-to-face aspect. Can young children make the same connections as adult online learners?  I guess that is more than a question….

I look back at how much I have learned since September.  Reviewing my last Summary of Learning, seeing how my teaching has changed, watching what my students can do. Blended learning is working for me as a learner and for me as a teacher.

2 thoughts on “The Finale”

  1. Colette, I LOVE your summary of learning! 🙂 What a creative and fun way to present the information. Was the program user friendly? It has been a delight working with you this term, your friendly demeanor and willingness to share was so appreciated. Good luck as you move forward in your Masters journey. Take care.


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