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Blended Learning – How can I make it work?

In my classroom, I use a number of different student- student and student–instructor interactions. The Collaboration Space in OneNote is a great one. My non-risk takers really like it, as they don’t have to speak to everyone. They are able to give their thoughts without having to step out of their comfort zone (though there is a time to have them step out). We have tried Padlet, and it works in the same manner, as well as having different options. We have portfolios, using Flipgrid and Seesaw, that we use interchangeably. The Seesaw posts go straight away to the parents and the Flipgrid is used at conferences. Menti is great it has many different options.


If we decide to kick it up and make a competition, Kahoot allows you to put your student into teams.  This is a team building activity but competitive.

When we made our Prototype we utilized a number of the apps and extensions that I already use in my classroom.  Google Classroom is an extension of Google that seems to be widely used.  My division uses Windows so OneNote is what we are encouraged to use.  As this is our system-wide tool, it works very well when connecting to other teachers, it also works very well for my students to connect to other teachers.  Teachers at other schools can invite my students, and I theirs, to a Notebook where assignments and interchanges between students can occur. We used Kidblog instead of the WordPress, Poster my Wall, Yoteach, and Adobe Spark. I feel confident in my ability to use these with my students and my students are able to help each other almost better than I.  I had students create PSAs ( public service announcements). We kind of emulated our idea around The More You Know, I suggested Adobe Spark but many  chose to video themselves. I am finding that my students, after being on the computer since September, are finding sites and applications that the prefer to what I am asking of them. I think this lines up with this weeks readings were the learner is taking ownership of what and how they are learning.They are collaborating with each other and basically moving away from me as the instructor.  They have their own ideas and how they want to represent them.  This is very cool to observe as they are 12 years old and totally into their own learning.  Listening to them reflect on the learning is amazing, you will have to wait for that in my Summary of Learning.     Credit

1 thought on “Blended Learning – How can I make it work?”

  1. Hi Colette! It sounds like you use a variety of different techniques in your classroom and I love that your students are going beyond what you expect and finding tools of their own to help them create their projects. This is what every teacher wants! Looking forward to seeing your Summary of Learning with more info!!


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