EC&I 834

Introduction of Me, EC&I 834

Hello everyone! My name is Colette Davies-Eltom and I am currently in my 22 year of teaching.  I have had the opportunity to teach Grades 1 through 8, Special Education and Learning Resource, all along teaching fabulous kids!  

I decided fall of 2017 to go back to school to complete my Masters in EC&I.  It has been a remarkable journey and I am thrilled to be taking class number 7!  I believe in life-long learning and am completely enjoying this process. Feeling a little sorry for my husband as our youngest child started university this past fall; so there are three students in the house.  


Blended learning is fairly new to me.  I hope to further develop my understanding of blended and online learning practices.  I hope to be able to critically develop and evaluate blended and online lessons in order to teacher to the diversity of my learners. I look forward to conversing with others in regards to the trends in technology and how to utilize technology to it fullest capacity.  It is going to be a terrific semester.

Check me out on Twitter @DaviesEltom




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