EC&I 833

My Thoughts on Coding and Extensions

I became a coder today.  Last year, my students participated in an Hour of Code.  This was lead by another teacher and I had no real clue as to what they did that day. I really wish I had had the opportunity to sit with them so that all of this would not be so new to me. I know that I spent time as a high school student in our computer lab writing computer programs, but it was far different from this. It looked more like a diagram made from a flow chart template such as this. I enjoyed the Logo emulator.  I think it was very helpful for me to visually see and practice how complex it can be to make something simple run.  A lot of bits and pieces go into a successful movement.  I am often frustrated with my lack of knowledge in the workings of my computer and the programs or applications I try to use.  Building on my knowledge and understandings relates to Papert’s theory of constructionism; experimenting with what I know and scaffolding from that knowledge. Learning in this format gives me the experience to assist my students in learning in an experiential way. Like Adam, I found time escape me and had to kick back to reality and get some work done!

Currently, I do not use any of the Chrome extensions listed.  I looked at a number of them and do not feel that I would put them to use in my teaching.  Amy posted a great chart of a few of the extensions and I agree with her views on Distraction Free Youtube (DF Youtube) and Grammarly

There are so many advertisements that having a filter is to reduce the likelihood of an inappropriate endorsement would be a worthwhile extension.   DF Youtube is something that I will further investigate.  Grammarly could also lead to some further investigation. My students use Office 365 and OneNote, applications that correct spelling and grammar.  Is there need for another?

OneNote is a tool that I am currently using for everything.  My students and I are connected at all times.  Their assignments are posted in our Content Library and with the help of the cloud, I am able to watch their progress, mark their assignment and give them feedback.  I am fully enjoying learning how to use this tool to its fullest capacity.