EC&I 833

Reflection on Learning Theories


As I reviewed the theories of knowledge I found myself self-reflecting… a lot.  Having such a wide range of teaching experiences, I was questioning how much my teaching and learning philosophy has changed over the course of my career. There are constant changes in teaching, more research or resources to help us find the best learning options for our students. Even this week, as I changed my classroom to flexible seating to help meet the needs of differentiated instruction, I found myself evolving with this new information.


I would say that my philosophy has changed in order that I do whatever each of my students needs in order for them to be successful. This fits with, “Which theory is the most effective in fostering mastery of specific tasks by specific learners?” When I taught 3rd grade 15 years ago, I would say I had a much more constructivist approach to teaching.  Grade 3’s have such limited experiences, providing opportunity for them to create meaning from learning opportunities seemed, to me, to fit that grade level.  Now, teaching grade 7, I think I may take a more cognitive approach. I work to making learning meaningful and having my students make connections.

What would be wrong with being a little bit of everything? I consider myself a life-long


learner and know that I learn different things in different ways.  Why would my students be any different?   I do know that technology has changed how I teach.  It has changed how everyone learns.  Having the opportunity to connect to others on so many different level has changed all of us.  We have extended our community of learning to not only outside our classrooms, but outside of our country.  This gives my students and me a whole world to explore.  And I am up for the challenge!



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